Set Back: As F1 stars Fernando Alonso Faces Ban Due To

Set Back: As F1 star Fernando Alonso Faces Ban Due To

Two F1 drivers are on the brink of a race ban due to FIA penalty points.

F1 Grand Prix of Miami

Following his punishment for an incident during the Chinese Grand Prix last month, Logan Sargeant has become the most recent Formula One driver to criticize the FIA for their penalty point system. Because the Williams driver was too close to Haas driver Nico Hulkenberg at the Safety Car 1 line, it was decided that he had committed a safety car infraction.

The American has now demanded that the authorities reexamine their protocol, claiming that his own disciplinary action was a “joke.” The 23-year-old stated, “I think mine (the penalty in China) was extremely frustrating,” in an interview with Autosport. One thing is the penalty. It was a joke to receive penalty points for what it was.

“I believe that you simply receive criticism for a lot of the harsher things that occur over the weekend. People have slowed down in front of me in qualifying, almost had big wrecks, and nothing happened. However, you receive two penalty points when I cross the line simultaneously with someone else and you are unable to observe it, which I believe is a bad direction to be going.”

Currently, drivers can receive sporting penalties in addition to penalty points if the stewards determine that it is necessary. An F1 participant faces a race ban if they earn 12 points or more over a rolling 12-month period.

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Logan Sargeant has expressed outrage over his Chinese penalty. (Image: Getty)

With eight points gained in the last year, Red Bull driver Sergio Perez is now in actual danger of reaching the 12-point mark and a one-race penalty. However, Kevin Magnusson, now on 10 points following a dismal weekend at the Miami Grand Prix, is in a more vulnerable position.

However, Fernando Alonso has also been a major player in the discussion, saying this week that FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem supports his proposal for a thorough examination of F1 regulations and the apportionment of race steward penalties at a Grand Prix.

The Spanish driver is upset since he was penalized during race weekends in Australia and China. Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, was not punished for a contentious maneuver at the first corner of the Miami Sprint Race, which led Alonso to suggest that steward decisions were influenced by national prejudice.


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