Toronto Argonauts Quarterback Kelly has been Suspended Indefinitely Due To

GUELPH, Ontario – Chad Kelly, the quarterback for the Toronto Argonauts, has officially withdrew from the CFL team’s training camp.

Kelly gave The Canadian Press a statement on Thursday in which she made the revelation. The CFL’s best player of the previous season is still processing the results of the league-mandated probe, which played a significant role in his ban from Toronto’s exhibition games as well as at least nine regular-season games.

Kelly stated that his goal is to “work to earn everyone’s trust and reinstatement in the CFL.”

The statement Kelly provided added, “I have had to take time to process the CFL investigation’s findings as they were not consistent with the person I am, nor the team and community leader I strive to be.” “I firmly feel that every workplace should be secure and healthy for every team member, and I want to be the leader who brings people together.

I will make the most of this counseling chance to develop personally while my legal team awaits the legal findings for review, looks at ways to elucidate some of the report’s conclusions, and decides what to do next. In order to reduce distractions for the team, I have decided to resign from training camp in order to support the Argonauts organization as they get ready for the season.

Quarterback Kelly formally announces his withdrawal from Toronto Argonauts camp

Kelly was suspended by the CFL last week for breaking their rules regarding gender-based violence. It came after an impartial inquiry into a case that was brought by a former strength and conditioning coach alleging sexual harassment against Kelly and wrongful termination against the Argos.

Kelly was on the field for Toronto’s rookie camp at the University of Guelph two days later. Kelly didn’t practice or have any equipment, but Argos General Manager Mike (Pinball) Clemons later stated that his appearance was allowed under the CFL’s rules.

Kelly was on the field at Toronto’s discretion, according to a league spokeswoman.



Along with opening training camp on Sunday, like all CFL teams, Toronto also said that Kelly will not be taking part in team activities. Kelly hadn’t been spotted at the University of Guelph since rookie camp, even after releasing his statement.

Kelly has been suspended and is required to undertake private evaluations by a third-party specialist and attend required therapy sessions led by a specialist in gender-based violence. Before considering Kelly’s reinstatement, both must be adequately finished; the CFL has the ability to alter his sentence.

According to Toronto head coach Ryan Dinwiddie, “Chad just didn’t want to be a distraction.” “It is beneficial for him to attend all of the classes and his counseling.”

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