Departure: Minnesota Vikings star QB, Nick Mullens to get released due to

Now is the moment to start overanalyzing every roster as teams start their offseason programs and dive deep into organized team activities. There will be a few pivotal positions for the Minnesota Vikings that supporters will be more interested in learning about than others.

Naturally, one of them plays quarterback. Fans are already excited to see the competition heat up due to the signing of veteran Sam Darnold and the arrival of J.J. McCarthy.

However, the team still has another quarterback on the roster, and he is far from secure.

David Kenyon of Bleacher Report examined one standout cut candidate from each of the 32 teams in the league in an article he authored just a few days ago. Regarding the Vikings? The choice was quite logical. It was the seasoned quarterback Nick Mullens.

Kenyon wrote:

The Vikings would likely like to retain Nick Mullens around for his knowledge, if at all feasible. The issue is that Minnesota still has Jaren Hall, who is probably not a safe pick for the practice squad, plus they added Sam Darnold in free agency and picked J.J. McCarthy. This debate strongly resembles Mullens v. Hall.”

Minnesota Vikings, Nick Mullens

Nick Mullens shouldn’t be one of the Minnesota Vikings’ three quarterbacks if they decide to maintain three.

Mullens won’t be one of the quarterbacks the Vikings wind up keeping on the active roster or stashing on the practice squad, but it’s likely that they will maintain two quarterbacks on the roster. Jaren Hall, the Vikings’ fifth-round selection from the previous season, is likely to remain on the practice squad.

Minnesota witnessed Mullens’ abilities. Yes, the guy slings it. However, as the backup quarterback? A player like Hall, in whom the franchise invested draft capital just a year ago, is someone the team is better suited keeping.

Last season, Mullens played in five games, including three starts (all of which he lost). More than 1,300 yards, seven touchdowns, and eight interceptions were all thrown by him. If the Vikings retain Mullens, the likelihood of his playing at all is quite low. In 2024, the field will be seen by either Darnold or McCarthy, if not by both.

Mullens should be released by the Vikings, who should retain the younger Hall as a developing talent. As BYU’s starting quarterback for two seasons, Hall completed over 5,700 yards of passing with 51 touchdowns and just 11 interceptions.

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