Shocking: Travis Kelce still has ‘no plans’ to propose to Taylor Swift due to

Travis Kelce still has ‘no plans’ to propose to Taylor Swift as couple approach one year anniversary

According to a recent story, Travis Kelce is thinking mainly about Super Bowl rings nearly a year into his romance with Taylor Swift.

According to numerous sources, the pop star and the Chiefs tight end will not be getting engaged anytime soon, Us Weekly reported in a story that was published on Tuesday.

One insider stated, “Travis has no plans to propose to Taylor.”

He isn’t even aware of it. They continued, “He takes marriage very seriously and would never just jump into it without giving it some serious thought.”

The athlete ‘cares very deeply’ about the Love Story singer, according to a different insider, but ‘he’s just not there yet’ when it comes to proposing.

Regarding Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, an insider stated, “Travis has no plans to propose to Taylor.”

Us Weekly was informed by the source that the athlete wasn’t prepared to drop to one knee.

He isn’t even aware of it. “He takes marriage very seriously,” they continued.

In Europe, Travis Kelce will still be Taylor Swift’s supporter.

Another insider refuted rumors earlier this year that the couple intended to tie the knot this summer.

The insider told the magazine, “Things between them are going amazing, but they still have so much to learn about each other because they haven’t even been together for a year.”

They said that, although not “anytime soon,” “many of their loved ones” would be delighted to see Kelce propose, “and some may even believe” that it will happen.

It happens in the midst of contrasting rumors over whether the 34-year-old pair would get married.

A source told Life & Style earlier this month that the three-time Super Bowl champion was “under pressure to propose” to the 14-time Grammy winner, adding, “The timing is right.”

“It makes sense that they would be talking about marriage since they have been together for almost a year and are incredibly in love.”

The source also suggested that Kelce would be preparing a “grand gesture” for his one-knee salute.

After the Chiefs player watched her Eras Tour event, the two started dating in the middle of 2023.

With Swift starting her European world tour again, the couple’s summer is already looking busy.

No matter what or when he finally asks her, it will be an experience they’ll remember forever, the source continued. “The big moment – and the ring – need to be super special.”

James Winchester, the long snapper for the Chiefs, stated that he could “definitely” see the couple getting engaged in the future, while Dave Portnoy, the owner of Barstool Sports, believes it will happen within the next year.

While Swift was on the first leg of her historic Eras Tour last summer, the formidable couple began dating.

While Kelce is taking advantage of the NFL offseason, she is presently traveling throughout Europe and performing to packed houses.

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