Suzaku is a level 3 Work Suitability for Kindling Fire Pal who is incredibly powerful. This makes it a great option for battle pal duty and dedicated smelting at the base, but it really shines as an airborne mount. As you ride Suzaku, it not only boosts the player’s and its own fire strikes, but it also soars at respectable speeds. This makes it the perfect mount in Palworld for riding against the Ice or Grass Element Pals.

It’s difficult to find Suzaku in Palworld; you have to be strong enough to face the desert in the northern part of the continent. This is not a Pal to pursue without adequate preparation, as the boss form of Suzaku is at level 45 and the common Suzaku in the area is at level 40. In addition to providing some strategy recommendations and details on where to find the standard and Alpha Suzaku in the desert, this book will also discuss the Suzaku Aqua variety, which can be obtained through breeding.

Fire Pals are found in warmer areas of the map, especially near lava. That said, some Palworld locations are home to more Fire Pals than others.


How to Find Suzaku

Suzaku can only appear in the Desert, which is located in the world map’s northern regions. The intense heat and the abundance of level 30+ friends in this area combine to make your journey even more perilous.Levels 40–45 are when Suzaku itself spawns, and it can be found all across the desert. If you approach it too closely, it turns hostile. To draw one in, it’s better to pull out a Water Element Pal and shoot one at a distance. It has the ability to summon fire tornadoes, which can be averted by swiftly turning to the left or right. Suzaku is a high level Pal, hence using Hyper Spheres or better is advised when attempting to capture him.

Palworld_Suzaku_Habitat Map

How to Find Alpha Suzaku

The Alpha Suzaku is a powerful boss found in the Northeastern Desert. It is a level 45 monster that spawns and uses a variety of lethal fire strikes. In addition to an air shot, it typically employs scatter shots, breath attacks, and the previously described fire tornadoes. By moving in a medium-distance circle around Suzaku, you can easily avoid all of its attacks. The most effective way to wear them down is with Water Element Pals. Using Hyper Spheres or better is advised when attempting to capture Alpha Suzaku.

Palworld_Suzaku Alpha_Map Location

Breeding Suzaku Aqua

Palworld player with a Suzaku Aqua

Players must breed Suzaku with Jormuntide in order to create a Suzaku Aqua. See this tutorial for comprehensive instructions on obtaining Suzaku Aqua.