Chennedy Carter Goes Brutal On Caitlin Clark Then Yelled At Her b***h

Caitlin Clark BODYCHECKED by Chennedy Carter – who appears to yell ‘you b***h’ before lashing out – and escapes with just a personal foul as Indiana Fever play Chicago Sky

Caitlin Clark was suddenly bodychecked to the ground by Chicago Sky’s Chennedy Carter near the end of the third quarter of Indiana Fever’s latest WNBA game on Saturday.

Carter knocked Clark to the ground as she waited waiting for the inbound, and the Chicago player remarkably escaped with merely a personal foul.

Television replays appear to show Carter yelling ‘you b***h’ at Clark before throwing her to the ground. It wasn’t immediately obvious how Clark had provoked Carter, if at all, but the Fever star was not anticipating any impact.

Clark ended up getting the final laugh with her side clinging on for a one-point win and the 71-70 result was the team’s first home win of the season.

There were 15 seconds remaining on the clock in the third quarter and when time was up, Clark shared her reaction to ESPN.

Caitlin Clark was inexplicably bodychecked to the ground by Chicago Sky's Chennedy Carter

Caitlin Clark was inexplicably bodychecked to the ground by Chicago Sky’s Chennedy Carter

‘That’s just not a basketball play but I’ve got to play through it, that’s what basketball is about at this level,’ she said.

Ahead of the game Clark, the No 1 choice in this year’s WNBA Draft, complained players were routinely getting away with fouls against her.

While the wider claims by Clark have been contested, Carter did appear lucky to escape without a more severe punishment.

Clark, meanwhile, speaking midweek after her 30-point game in the loss to Los Angeles Sparks, said: ‘I think everybody’s physical with me.

‘They get away with things that, probably, other people don’t get away with. It’s tough.’

Saturday’s game was the first time Clark squared up against her collegiate opponent Angel Reese, who was the seventh choice in the WNBA Draft and picked by Chicago.

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