Steph Curry Makes An Outstanding Statement about Kyrie Irving, What Is the Statement? 

Steph Curry Makes An Outstanding Statement about Kyrie Irving, What Is the Statement? 

Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving are two of the greatest guards ever.

One of the greatest moments in NBA history happened on June 19, 2016, when Kyrie Irving struck a clutch three-point shot to take the lead and win against Steph Curry and the Warriors. It was a moment that generated a major domino effect within the NBA and one that both Curry and Kyrie still remember.

In an interview with Logan Murdock of The Ringer, both Curry and Irving rehashed their memorable Game 7 NBA Finals moment one more time.

“I believed I was near enough that I could take away the pull-up, and then your whole purpose is to just keep a body on him and [make him] go into traffic,” Curry remarked to Murdock.

However, Curry committed one critical error and Kyrie Irving knew it. Curry didn’t realize that Irving had a right stepback.

In this story:

“One thing that he didn’t know was that I had a right stepback,” Irving remarked. “So when I dribbled and I hesi’d and I kind of got him off and I stepped right, he didn’t expect me to step right because he wasn’t close enough to my body to get a great contest.”

Curry believes he defended Irving as best as possible, and just gave Irving a handful of inches. However, Kyrie Irving is so brilliant at basketball that he can convert inches into miles, and that was all he needed to win the game.

“There was one half step that, in retrospect, that little side step gave him enough of a distance,” Curry said. “Because a contest was there, but he was just over the top of it. I done everything, I thought. … It’s a game of inches.”

Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving have had some memorable bouts against each other. The nature of what makes a rivalry great is the reality that both teams have gotten wins against each other – something both Irving and Curry have accomplished.

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