Breaking News: Tennessee Volunteers Land A High-Ceiling And Three Star Prospect

Jayden Loftin, a three-star recruit who hails from the Somerville area of New Jersey, has offered his commitment to the Tennessee Volunteers. Loftin is a consensus three-star recruit. For the Vols, he is the eleventh player to commit to the class of 2025. As of right now, he is the sole defensive commit in the class, joining Ethan Utley, Sidney Walton, Tyler Redmond, and Dylan Lewis as the only other defensive commits. According to Jayden Loftin, the Volunteers have landed in this position.

Evaluation of Jayden Loftin’s Highlights Included:

Loftin is of a collegiate size, with a height of 6 feet and 4.5 inches and a weight of 240 pounds. The amount of body fat that will be sacrificed in exchange for the additional muscle mass that you would anticipate gaining in college is relatively small.

Loftin’s athleticism includes the fact that he ran track as a true freshman, that he moonlights as a tight end, and that he has forty passes that have been listed in the 4.6 range. Indeed, he is quite athletic.

His instincts are strong, and he has a natural knack for removing obstacles. Rarely on tape will you see him convert into a seeing-red bullrusher. There’s a level of sophistication in the application of his hand-fighting maneuvers. There’s a natural nose for the football as well.

Polish: He tends to blast off the ball with high pad-level and his hands down by his side at times. This will lead to offensive lineman on the collegiate level getting into his chest plate which is a no-no for any pass rusher. He will need to tidy that up. There’s also some cleaning up of the stance and he’s going to have to acquire acclimated to playing a bit more on the EDGE you’d expect, Somerville has him playing more of a 4i (inside the tackle).

Bottom Line: At first glance you see why this player is committed to an SEC school. He’s incredibly gifted and had he attended a southern school, possibly his rating is impacted for the better. There’s going to be some transition period, but this Tennessee EDGE room is full with athletic specimens and he will fit the bill instantly.

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