Carlos Alcaraz, ATP No. 2 Lands Multi-Million Dollar Contract With Nike Own Logo To Come

Alcaraz Signs Multi-Million Dollar Contract With Nike With Own Logo To Come

Carlos Alcaraz has renewed his association with his clothing sponsor Nike, signing a multi-million dollar with the brand for the following years.

Alcaraz is one of the best names in tennis right now. While he’s maybe not the most important player due to giants like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic still playing and having developed a wonderful legacy, he’s surely climbing up there.

His most recent Roland Garros win lifted his status even more, and Nike recognized that potential. The Spaniard signed with Nike in 2019, transferring from Lotto, and has since developed as one of their top performers.

Alcaraz Signs Multi-Million Dollar Contract With Nike With Own Logo To Come

The first arrangement was scheduled to extend until 2025, but the parties have since explored a renewal, which was apparently completed a few weeks ago ahead of Roland Garros. According to sources from Relevo, Alcaraz will be committed to Nike for the next ten years, with the arrangement earning him between 15 and 20 million.

That deal is quite in line with what the corporation paid Jannik Sinner, who signed a 10-year contract with them two years ago and received 158 million.

Alcaraz’s resume right now is significantly more spectacular than Sinner’s was two years ago, thus it’s only natural to suppose that he got an amount quite near to that or even bigger. While not official, the reports suggest that it should be made official pretty soon.

Notching that contract is highly crucial for Alcaraz since it will help him to further grow his brand, which will now also include a personalized logo made similarly to how the company designed designs for Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

No information is available on how the logo would look, but it’s undoubtedly going to be iconic, or at least that’s what will be the company’s aim, as the logos of past legends proved to be a tremendous success.

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