Charles Leclerc revealed the state of his relationship with Jannik Sinner

Charles Leclerc on relationship with Jannik Sinner and his strong bond with Italy and Ferrari Charles Leclerc spoke about his growing relationship with Italy and Ferrari

Soon, Charles Leclerc and Jannik Sinner will be competing against each other on a padel court or a track. In an exclusive interview with the Italian daily newspaper La Stampa, Charles Leclerc suggested the idea. In the interview, he had the opportunity to discuss how his relationship with the Italian professional tennis player is developing and, more generally, how the Monegasque is becoming more and more connected to Italy and Ferrari. There are currently no plans in place, but Charles Leclerc has suggested the idea.

Once more, the Monegasque did not hold back when it came to expressing his affection for Ferrari, and he once again concentrated on his relationship with Italy. Due to the fact that I am not a huge lover of football, I do not follow the European Championships very closely; but, if I had to choose, I might prefer to cheer for Italy rather than anything else.

Charles Leclerc Ferrari 2024

Following that, he discussed the developing connection he has with Italy as well as the prospect of one day settling down there. “I’ve never bought a house in Maranello, even though I’m there one day a week to work on the simulator. A friend of mine hosts me. But if I had to choose an Italian city, I’d like to live in Milan, even if as a Ferrari driver, life wouldn’t be simple. Maybe Tuscany would be better; it’s quite quiet.” – he pointed out.

“I like the simplicity of Italians; most of my friends are Italian. I also like Sinner, who is now my fellow citizen. We write to each other constantly; he congratulated me for Monaco, and I complimented him for becoming number 1,” the Monegasque says.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari

He adds, “We don’t get to meet often. But we’ve already decided to play padel together, where I will undoubtedly have significant difficulty. But maybe I can make up for it if we do a few laps on the track… But it’s wonderful that we have the possibility to create a relationship; I’m sure we’ll have the opportunity to cultivate it.” – the Ferrari driver concluded.

Meanwhile, Charles Leclerc has also been appointed as a torchbearer for the Olympic flame for the Paris 2024 Games. He has the pleasure of being the first to carry the Olympic flame in Monaco on June 18.



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