Meet Lexi Thompson’s New Caddie, Mark Wallington: Lifestyle And Relationship With Lexi Thompson

There is an intriguing past between Lexi Thompson and her caddies. Throughout her career, Thompson has frequently had a family member on her bag in addition to using professional bag men. Her older brothers, Nicholas and Curtis, who have both played on the PGA and Korn Ferry tours, take turns being her father, Scott, at other times.

During the Solheim Cup and a large portion of the previous season, Nicholas caddied for his younger sister. She did, however, recruit Colton Heisey following the 2023 season with the intention of working with him full-time in 2024. The alliance failed to continue in spite of this, which prompted the 11-time LPGA Tour winner to make another noteworthy adjustment. She has enlisted her pal Mark Wallington as her caddie this time. Man, let’s learn more about her new purse.

What is the caddie life of Mark Wallington like?

Despite spending a lot of time on the green movement, Mark Wallington has kept his personal life very quiet and has never used Instagram. He does, however, have an account on X, where he primarily posts about golf and not much about himself; aside from this, not much personal information about him is accessible. It was during the 2011 Solheim Cup when he made his camera debut. He was caddying for Sophie Gustafson, who was representing Europe at the time, in Ireland.

Following two years, at the Colorado Golf Club in Parker, Colorado, USA, for the 2013 Solheim Cup In addition to caddying for Charley Hull, Wallington was a member of Team Europe. Following Hull’s triumph over Paula Creamer in the Sunday singles matches, they celebrated. Although Wallington’s particular professional beginnings are unknown, it is reasonable to presume that Thompson’s acquaintance has a great deal of expertise in this industry.

In addition to caddying for Hull, he accompanied Emily Pedersen to the 2017 Solheim Cup. At the time, Pedersen was also a member of Team Europe. Wallington was playing on the professional greens with Pedersen for the fourth time. He was dubbed a “lucky Charm” on the National Club Golfer website because of his success with these pros at the Solheim Cup.

Thus, the journey commences. While it’s wonderful to be back in Australia with the family, the real work begins now!This is a picture of Caddie’s life on Twitter:

December 12, 2022, Mark Wallington (@caddieslife)

Extend Tweet

Wallington is from Warrington, England, although he has had a successful career doing more than just caddying for players throughout Europe. He collaborated with Lydia Ko for a considerable length of time as well. One may question how Mark Wallington met Lexi Thompson, considering his background with many of the best players in the game.

How was Lexi Thompson introduced to Mark Wallington?

Throughout her previous three LPGA Tour outings, Lexi Thompson received assistance from Colton Heisey. But Thompson seems to be enjoying her time on the greens more now that she’s partnered with Wallington, and she credits their supportive and upbeat dynamic for her recent success. Thompson may have hired her pal because she is determined to make the most of her time left on the greens.

For the first time, Wallington was seen accompanying Thompson as her bag man at the 2024 Meijer LPGA Classic. At the press conference for the 2024 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, the golfer was questioned about her new companion after that.”You appear to be having a great time outside. What led to the formation of your relationship with your caddie, Mark, and how is he most assisting you?

“I’ve known him for a very long time and we’ve always had a very great friendship,” the golfer exclaimed in response. We’ve never worked together, but we get along so great. He’s always been one of my best friends here that I visit, and I feel the same way about him. We always laugh a lot together and genuinely seek each other out for companionship when it’s needed.Despite the fact that both have a lengthy professional history, Thompson stated that, up until 2024, their interactions were just amicable and that they had never given collaboration a thought.

The golfer went on to discuss how they first collaborated, saying, “So I was like, you know what? This sounds fantastic. Simply put, let’s collaborate and monitor the outcome. We will always have that connection and friendship, no matter what. We will always have it. turned out to be successful. For me, he’s incredible out there. He exudes positivity, which is exactly what I need in this world.Yes, Lexi Thompson seems to be answering directly to the point, but that’s just how she’s always kept things easy.

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