Borg won five consecutive Wimbledon singles titles

It was a heady time, the summer they first got together. “That was the best ever,” Mariana remarks. For myself and for Bjorn.

“You feel as though you’re flying and dreaming.” It was lovely that we were in love. That period of my life was the most thrilling. I didn’t even recognize my own name since I was so much in love.

“Bjorn was quite charming. He was a really quiet person, so everything about him was nice, but I understood how to make him feel things.

Mariana quickly established herself as a regular in the front row of the Wimbledon players’ box. I was incredibly nervous, but I knew when Bjorn was going to look at me, and when he did, I was like a statue, the woman says.

Otherwise, I was exhibiting my nervousness by smoking like a chimney, one after the other.

“I smoked the McEnroe family out.” I once heard from John’s father that he couldn’t handle the smell.

Mariana and coach Lennart Bergelin were able to read the expressionless Borg, whereas opponents found it nearly impossible.