Rafa Nadal’s family: Here’s what you should know about his closest family members

Rafa Nadal’s family: Here’s what you should know about his closest family members

Nadal’s family are often supporting him in his tennis matches

Rafael Nadal is one of the world’s most renowned athletes. At 37 years old, he has won 22 Grand Slam titles, making him the second-highest titleholder after Novak Djokovic. Born in Manacor, Spain, Nadal grew up in a family that supported his passions from a young age.

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His uncle was his coach

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Rafael Nadal and his father, Sebastian

Despite starting tennis at a young age, none of Nadal’s immediate family members were tennis players. His father, Sebastian, is a successful businessman in Spain, and his brothers Toni and Miguel Angel are also involved in his father’s business.

Toni, who served as one of Nadal’s coaches, played a crucial role in shaping his future success. Nadal once remarked to The Independent, “I’ve always been a good listener – to everyone, including my uncle. Sometimes I may not agree with everything, but if he gives me advice on the practice court, even if I disagree, I’ll follow it. Internally, I might have doubts, but observing from the outside is often easier.”

There are athletes in his family

Valencia CF Legends v Spain Legends

Nadal’s uncle, Miguel Angel, was a soccer player who played for various Spanish teams, including Barcelona F.C. He played in three World Cups and retired at the age of 39.

His parents separated in 2009

Nadal’s parents, Sebastian and Ana Maria, separated in 2009, which had a profound impact on him. In his memoir, “Rafa: My Story,” he wrote, “They were the foundation of my life, and when that pillar crumbled, I became depressed and lost enthusiasm. I felt devoid of any love for life.”

They reconciled in the year 2011.

Nadal married Mery Perello in 2019

2019 Davis Cup   Day Seven

Nadal and Mery Perello married in 2019 after being together for 14 years. Despite their long relationship, Nadal has consistently kept his personal life out of the public eye. In a press conference, he explained, “I’m already exposed enough in my professional life. My loved ones and I prefer to live quietly and maintain a low profile.”

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