Lexi Thompson reveals Something Special About Her Family, Parents, Siblings And career.

Everyone in the town is talking about Lexi Thompson! She will be the first female competitor in The Match 2024, a charity event, alongside Rose Zhang. With this accomplishment, the LPGA Tour player has gained widespread attention. Her admirers are inquisitive about every aspect of her personal and romantic life. Still, not much is understood about either.

Although her parents are not usually in the spotlight, many people are aware that the golfer is a young prodigy. Let’s examine her early years and her parents, who are equally deserving of praise.

The foundation of Lexi Thompson’s support is her parents.

On February 10, 1995, the LPGA star was born into the Thompson family—Judy and Scott. She began to exhibit an interest in golf at a young age and was born in Coral Springs, Florida. Young Lexi Thompson was first introduced to the game of golf by her father, Scott Thompson. She has shown her gratitude to her father on numerous occasions.

The LPGA star started playing golf at the age of five, and she quickly showed off her innate skills. Her parents made the decision to homeschool her due to her strong love in golf, allowing her to dedicate her time to the holistic game. When she was younger, the rising star used to dedicate most of her time to practice. Her father used to caddie for her at tournaments, and even after she went pro, he continued to do so.

Golfers on a Less Traveled Path

Her father, on the one hand, taught her all the intricacies of the game. However, Judy Thompson, her mother, instilled in her the value of mental toughness. The mother of Lexi Thompson was a constant source of encouragement. When the LPGA star was eleven years old, she received a breast cancer diagnosis. Instead of fretting about her daughter, though, she counseled her to pursue her aspirations.

After that, Thompson, who is 12 years old, became the youngest player to qualify for the U.S. Women’s Open. However, Judy received a second diagnosis of uterine cancer in 2017. Once more, she did not allow her children’s career aspirations to be hampered by this serious illness.”My goal is for all of my kids to pursue their dreams,” stated the mother of the LPGA star.

In July 2017, a month following her surgery, she also went to her daughter’s US Women’s Open competition.”Life cannot end,” she continued. Her two brothers have supported the LPGA standout throughout her career in addition to her parents.

Thompson’s career was greatly influenced by her brothers.

Nicholas Thompson and Curtis Thompson are her two older brothers. Like her, they are both professional golfers. Nicholas Thompson, the oldest of the group, became a professional in 2005. He then joined the PGA Tour in 2006 and the Korn Ferry Tour in 2007. In addition to winning the amateur Jones Cup Invitational in 2005, he has won the 2007 HSBC New Zealand PGA Championship in his professional career.

2014 saw her second brother, Curtis Thompson, become a professional. He began performing on the Korn Ferry Tour the following year. After receiving a PGA Tour card in 2022, he was unable to maintain it due to underwhelming performances. Although the brothers are professional golfers, they also assisted their sister in developing her career.

Her father, along with her older brothers, have taught her everything about golf since she began playing at age 5. From the age of nine until she was seventeen, her father worked as her bagman. Lexi Thompson won her first-ever match, and her most treasured memory is of winning her only significant tournament.

When questioned why, she explained that it was because her father went with her, holding her suitcase.Her two brothers were with her on the greens in addition to her father. When she won the 2018 CME Group Tour Championship, Curtis caddied for her.

In addition, Nicholas Thompson assisted her in getting ready for her 2007 US Women’s Open debut. She would be the youngest participant there. Hence, during practice rounds, her older brother assisted her. Despite having a Nationwide Tour event that week, Nicholas assisted Lexi Thompson in getting ready before heading to his own event.

It’s understandable why the LPGA Tour golfer has attained her current level of success given the support of her entire family throughout her career. What do you think about her family’s resolute support? Tell us in the space provided for comments below.

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