A former U.S. Open tennis star given 6-year ban Due To

Former U.S. Open tennis star given 6-year ban for match-fixing

Jasmina Tinjic, a tennis player from Bosnia-Herzegovina, did not contest charges relating to “corrupt activity” and admitted to match-fixing violations.

A previous qualifier for the U.S. Open has been barred from tennis.

A Bosnian-Herzegovina tennis player was given a six-year ban by the International Tennis Integrity Agency on Friday after she admitted to breaking the rules regarding match-fixing. The 33-year-old Jasmina Tinjic, who was ranked 236th in the world in 2013, declined to comment on the claims of “corrupt activity” in 2017 and 2018.

“Contriving the outcome of matches, facilitating wagering, receiving money in return for not giving best efforts in matches, and failure to report corrupt approaches” were among the counts she was facing, the agency said.

A match-fixing investigation had already resulted in Tinjic’s four and a half-year domestic sentence in Sweden. According to the ITIA, their six-year restriction will expire on May 17, 2028, which coincides with the start of the Swedish embargo.


During her professional tennis career, Tinjic has made slightly over $95,000 and has won four ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour singles championships. On the same circuit, she has also won 12 doubles championships.

During the height of her career, Tinjic made 23 appearances for her country in the Billie Jean King Cup, winning 14 and losing nine.

Although Tinjic has participated in the U.S. Open, she has never attended Wimbledon, the French Open, or the Australian Open. In 2013, the now-banned celebrity lost to German athlete Laura Siegemund in the opening qualifying round.

Siegemund advanced after a tough encounter, winning 6-7, 6-4, and 7-6. After her lengthy suspension, it appears improbable that Tinjic will participate in another Grand Slam or even professional tennis.

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