Dallas Mavericks must avoid costly mistake with newest trade acquisition

Dallas Mavericks must avoid costly mistake with newest trade acquisition

This offseason, Dallas Mavericks fans have a lot to look forward to. To begin with, the team included a number of new players.

In their free agency, they signed 3-and-D forward Naji Marshall as one of their moves. Not long after efforts to re-sign Derrick Jones Jr. collapsed, the new swingman was signed. Marshall is a fantastic defender who occasionally doesn’t hesitate to attack the basket on offense, thus, he satisfies all of Jones’ intangible requirements. A superb 3-point shooter as well, he had a 38.7 percent clip the previous season.

Klay Thompson, an inking sniper, was the largest acquisition. The former Warrior decided on the Mavs over the Los Angeles Lakers, thus Dallas inked him to a three-year contract.

Quentin Grimes’ contract shouldn’t be extended by the Mavericks before the season starts.

But the first offseason transaction was the Quentin Grimes for Tim Hardaway Jr. trade. Dallas desperately needed this deal as they were trying to get rid of Hardaway Jr.’s contract.

Quentin Grimes

Dallas, on the other hand, boasts a promising young guard. Grimes has a 37.1 percent lifetime 3-point shooting average. In addition, he has made 42.8 percent of his career’s field goals. Grimes is an excellent defender as well, and his quick feet and fierce hands may pose a challenge to his opponents.

Without a doubt, the addition of Grimes to the team improved it. Grimes’ arrival helped Dallas for a number of reasons, chief among them being that the team became younger.

However, the Mavericks have to exercise caution with Grimes. His ability to play a complete season has been restricted by a long list of injuries. Due to knee problems, Grimes was limited to 46 games during his rookie campaign.

When he played 71 games in his second season, the Mavs rookie showed some improvement. Grimes had a roller coaster year the previous season. Grimes only appeared in six games for the Detroit Pistons while playing 46 for the New York Knicks. He wasn’t the same after spraining his right knee in January. In March, Grimes was placed on inactive leave due to post-injury muscle pain.

Grimes’ status as a restricted free agent come summertime is another problem. Thus, the Mavs need to exercise caution when managing their new wing. Because of his four-year, $11.1 million guaranteed contract that he signed with the Knicks in 2021, he will make $4.2 million next season.

However, there’s a chance that Grimes could benefit from this. If he performs well and meets or surpasses expectations, Dallas will definitely be interested in signing him to a large contract. Grimes’ condition warrants caution on the part of the Mavs, as offering him a contract extension prior to the season would be very risky.

They need to make sure he’s a good fit because he hasn’t demonstrated throughout his entire career that he can stay healthy for an entire season. Grimes’ contract price would probably increase with a strong season, but the Mavs should not take the chance of signing him to a longer deal before the season begins.

To put it plainly, Grimes’s year will either make or ruin him. Is it possible for Grimes to return to his former self?

Keep checking back for all the latest information on Quentin Grimes and the Dallas Mavericks this season.

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