‘More Likely’ Maple Leafs’ $65 Million Forward To Walks Away

‘More Likely’ Maple Leafs’ $65 Million Forward Walks Than Re-Signs: Insider

Mitch Marner is less likely to sign an extension and more likely to enter free agency.

Forward Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs is more likely to walk in free agency than to sign an extension, according to NHL source Chris Johnston.

Marner has been the focus of trade rumors as he approaches the last year of the $65.4 million contract. But because there has been no deal, it is increasingly probable that Marner will join the Maple Leafs for the start of the season.

Johnston thinks Marner is more likely to go into free agency and hit the open market than to sign an extension with Toronto.

“He probably walks a little bit more frequently than he signs an extension, but not by much. The favorite to walk as a free agent would be if the betting lines were to be set right now. Then, I would advise re-signing the next favorite and trading the other three,” Johnston stated on the July 8 episode of SDPN.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Johnston believes that both parties could agree that it is in their best interests to split ways when asked if Marner would make that decision.

“I don’t think they’ll give him the choice to stay either. Johnston continued, “It’s a two-way street.

The Maple Leafs would have made a grave mistake in the front office if Marner were to enter free agency and the team received nothing. One of the best players in the NHL, Marner’s departure in free agency without any compensation would come as a bit of a surprise because Toronto may try to trade him and recover some assets this offseason.

That would be the objective. I have said how much I adore this city and this place. I have, of course, grown up here. We’ll start considering that right now and working to find a solution. It’s everything to me,” Marner said on May 6 to the press.

To be honest, you truly enjoy that we are treated like gods here. There is nothing like the love and attention you receive from this fan community. As evidenced by the Toronto Raptors of the NBA a few years ago, fans still harbor strong feelings for certain players who were traded this year but who were instrumental in the team’s 2019 championship run. You want that kind of love, Marner continued.

Marner was selected fourth overall in the 2015 NHL draft by his local team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and he currently plays for them.

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