ALARMING: Braves Injury Tragedy extends Two Vital Stars Says Brain Snitker

ALARMING: Braves Injury Tragedy Is Becoming Alarming As Two Vital Stars Are Down.

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The Braves are still plagued by injuries, but maybe they will be spared another All-Star stint on the disabled list.After appearing to grasp his right side on an awkward swing, Austin Riley left Wednesday night’s game against the Mets.


It reminds me a lot of Sean Murphy’s exit from the game on Opening Day, which he hasn’t returned from despite being diagnosed with an oblique strain. But unlike Murphy, Braves manager Brian Snitker is far more upbeat about Riley.

According to Mark Bowman of, Braves manager Brian Snitker stated, “I’m hoping he plays [Monday], but I don’t know if he will.””Once we return [to Atlanta] and they examine, test, and do all of that, then we’ll know.” We’ll find out on Monday.

Later that evening, after Murphy suffered an oblique injury, he was put on the IL right away, and Snitker’s song implied he would be sidelined for a while. He was correct about Murphy, and ideally he is also correct about Riley, who has begun to play more aggressively since May arrived.

Over the weekend, Mark Bowman provided some encouraging remarks about Pierce Johnson, a reliever for the Braves. His elbow discomfort led to his placement on a 15-day prescription of medication, which is always cause for concern. Nevertheless, it appears like Johnson was given some precautionary rest early in the season, as there was no need for an MRI. Johnson is reportedly already throwing bullpens, according to Bowman, so it makes sense to assume that later this week, when he becomes eligible, he will be activated.


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