Urgency: As Patrick Mahomes Revealed Why He Has Not Been Talking With Harrison Butker, His Reasons Will Shock You

Following kicker Harrison Butker’s contentious graduating speech at Benedictine College in Kansas earlier this year, a video of quarterback Patrick Mahomes describing how he never talks to Butker has gone viral.

Three days after the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl, on February 14, Mahomes talked about his friendship with Butker on The Pat McAfee Show.

In team meetings, the two sit next to one another, but Mahomes claims he “doesn’t say one word to him.”

The three-time Super Bowl champion said to McAfee and his friends, “I just let him do his thing, man. I don’t talk to Harrison all year long.””I don’t say anything to him during the team meeting; we sit right next to each other. I only talk to him before and after the season.”

Now that Butker’s opinions about women and the LGBTQ community are more well known, the video of Mahomes angrily rejecting a relationship with Butker is being interpreted in a very different light.

Butker covered a wide range of conservative subjects in his speech to Benedictine College’s 2024 graduates, including his support for life, women’s roles in society, and the “sin” of Pride Month. Butler’s remarks regarding women got more attention when he called out the women present, telling them that pursuing their hobbies and careers instead of becoming “homemakers” is a “diabolical lie.”

Butker continued, “I think you, the women, have had the most diabolic lies told to you. That is why I want to speak directly to you [women] for a brief moment.”

“Although some of you might go on to have prosperous jobs, I’m going to bet that the majority of you are most looking forward to getting married and starting a family. Accept one of the most significant titles in existence: housewife.

Though Butker’s comment has garnered notice, neither the Kansas City Chiefs nor Butker have responded to the situation in the open.

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