Amidst Uncertain future, Steph Curry Makes Major Announcement about

Steph Curry, a 10-time All-Star for the Golden State Warriors, and Nirvana Water Sciences Corp. made a significant announcement on Tuesday morning, disclosing that Curry is now a main investor in the company’s Nirvana Super Waters, Seltzers, and other wellness beverages.

The following was stated in an official statement from Steph Curry, Nirvana Water Sciences Corp., and Thirty Ink:

“Today, Nirvana Water Sciences Corp., the parent company of NBA All-Star Stephen Curry’s business ventures, Thirty Ink, and the four-time NBA champion, two-time league MVP, and ten-time All-Star Stephen Curry announced a significant investment and strategic brand ambassador relationship, making Curry a lead investor in the company’s Nirvana Super Waters, Seltzers, and other wellness beverages.”

Additionally, Curry released a statement in which he said the following:

During the grind of my fifteenth NBA season, I recently learned about the power of Nirvana Super and the amazing impact HMB has on my body, shortening recuperation time. I was able to accomplish my aim of surviving another demanding season by incorporating Nirvana Super Waters into my wellness routine earlier in the season. In addition to the general benefits for healing, I was astounded by how well it prepared me on a daily basis. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Nirvana Super team, and I believe that my investment and my announcement as a brand ambassador demonstrate my faith in Nirvana Super and the advantages of HMB for consumers who value wellbeing and athletes of all skill levels.

In addition to being one of the top players in the NBA, Curry is a well-known businessman in the community off the court.

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