Roger Federer Unveils ‘Big Battle’ With His Children Over Escalating

Father of Four, Roger Federer Unveils ‘Big Battle’ With His Children Over Escalating Global Family Problem

Because of his unbeatable skill on the court, Roger Federer has been able to win even the most difficult matches. And outside of the court? Federer, a father of four, described the “big battle” he fights on a daily basis in his personal life.

On May 23, Roger Federer took part in an interview, a brief excerpt of which Telematin published on X. Federer discussed his responsibilities as a responsible father during the conversation. Particularly when it comes to sustaining their enthusiasm for sports over the digital sphere. In response to a question regarding how he achieves his objective, the 20-grand-slam champion provided an answer.

“I believe that you have to communicate with people when you create a field like that. As you pointed out, the screen and everything else are really excessive, so you need to talk to everyone—not just your kids. You should also talk to your parents, teachers, and other family members.The interviewer asked him again if he and his kids had reached that point after hearing his response.


The 42-year-old said in response, “No, it’s a daily struggle.”Federer went on to elaborate, saying, “I think that going outside or doing sports is what’s most important.” If you reflect about the past week, you probably enjoyed being in outdoors, playing sports, or spending time with friends more than being on screens.

In July 2009, Myla and Charlene, Roger Federer’s twin kids, were welcomed back by their spouse, Mirka. Leo and Lenny were the couple’s second set of twins, born five years later. Naturally, Federer has been putting more of an emphasis on being a significant part of his children’s lives after he retired in 2022. Federer repeatedly gave hints about his attempts to do so. Additionally, he disclosed his approach to teaching kids tennis by saying, “We make them play.”

But he had a difficult time keeping his children away from technology and encouraging them to play tennis.”I’ve had trouble raising my kids. He has acknowledged, “I have tried to promote tennis at my household by playing a lot of matches against Rafa, Novak, and everybody, but my kids don’t care.” His concerns may have diminished, though, as he recently provided an intriguing update on the matter.

Roger Federer’s “four kids love” playing tennis

When his daughters were younger, Roger Federer first disclosed that they had little interest in playing tennis. Federer’s heart broke, understandably. He acknowledged that Myla and Charlene used to grow bored of playing tennis after 30 seconds. Instead, they favored playing with dolls. However, it appears that Federer need not worry about it at this point.

“As they got better, they’re enjoying it and playing points now,” he said in an interview.That is not the same situation with his boys, though. Both of his sons have already picked up racquets, much like their father. Roger Federer said after giving this some thought, “All four kids love it.”

Federer, though, hopes to increase his kids’ curiosity for sports. His most recent remark about how to draw attention to the same thing highlights his objective even more.

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