Jason Kelce hits back At Harrison Butker Due To

Jason Kelce hits back at trolls after being labeled ‘hypocritical’ over Harrison Butker’s controversial speech


After being branded as “hypocritical” for his thoughts on Harrison Butker’s contentious commencement speech earlier this month, Jason Kelce has responded to critics on social media.

In a speech that divided opinion, the Kansas City Chiefs star targeted the LGBTQ+ community, proponents of abortion rights, and other groups, telling Benedictine College grads that women should emphasize being “homemakers” above pursuing careers.

In support of Butker, Jason—who is married to Kylie and has three young daughters—said that readers may “take great value in it when he is talking about the importance of family and the importance of a great mother.”

However, the recently retired star of the Philadelphia Eagles further stated that certain aspects of Butker’s statement ‘are not things that I connect myself with’.

This prompted criticism from trolls on social media, who indicated that Kelce’s wife Kylie is ‘a homemaker’ and called him ‘hypocritical’.

Jason Kelce has hit back at criticism of his opinion on Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker’s speech

Butker asserted that women ought to put more emphasis on being “homemakers” than on pursuing careers.

Next season, Kelce will work for ESPN. He responded on Monday morning, defending his marriage to his wife.

“Responding to this, because I have seen a number of people say it,” he wrote on X.

“I consider Kylie to be my wife, not just a homemaker.” She seems like a mother to me. Like me, she works, and we try our best to maintain our home.

“We are equals in our marriage and are always learning,” the couple says. Our commitment to our family comes first, and the only expectations are that we love and support one another.

“We both maintain our homes, work, and raise our children.” We are both to blame for the clutter, but that’s the reality of having three little children, hectic schedules, and neither of us being neat freaks. She’s also a great sandwich maker.

If staying at home is what some people find fulfilling, then great! You should be applauded for your efforts.

Jason Kelce has hit back at criticism of his opinion on Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker's speech

“To be clear, that is not our family dynamic. I’m not downplaying that at all.”

In their most recent New Heights podcast, Jason and his brother Travis were talking about Butker’s speech. Jason said that responses from those who know Butker, including Travis, Chiefs coach Andy Reid, and Patrick Mahomes, were more insightful than those found online.

The former Eagles center claimed that the narrative caused him to consider his own paternity.

‘It’s always fantastic to hear from people who truly actually know somebody, as opposed to a bunch of people responding to remarks without actually having met the guy,’ he said.

You get to know people on a daily basis, I believe, from the reactions of teammates to Andy Reid’s reaction. You will always disagree with some of the common beliefs that everyone holds.

There’s no mistaking that I disagree with anything he stated during his graduating speech. However, it turned out to be a very religious commencement speech at a Catholic university, to everyone’s surprise.

“When someone talks about the value of a strong family and a great mother, I find it easy to listen to them and value their perspective. However, I also recognize that not everyone aspires to be a homemaker and that’s okay.”

When you pay attention to someone, you absorb what appeals to you and then you hear other things and decide, “I don’t f***ing like that.”

Many people have asked me what I would do if my girls were forced to sit through someone telling them that they should immediately go ahead and become homemakers after receiving their degree.

“I failed as a father,” I would say if my girls follow someone’s advice and become stay-at-home moms.

As in, what the f**k are you discussing? No matter who is speaking to them, if you allow someone to tell you on stage that you are incapable of doing something, and you respond with something like, “Oh f**k, I guess I won’t go be a CEO,” you will not succeed!

Saying “That guy’s a f***ing idiot” is all you need to do if you disagree with what someone says, after which you should move on. To be honest, I don’t get all the hype.

The Kelce siblings speak during Harrison Butker’s commencement address


After reversing course and emphasizing that he did comprehend the uproar surrounding Butker’s statements, Kelce made light of his wife Kylie’s opinions over the commencement speech.

“I understand the commotion, as I am aware that specific communities have faced persecution in this nation for an extended duration,” he went on.

And ladies specifically, my wife being one of them… She seemed a little irritated by some of these remarks, in my opinion.

At first, I said, “Listen, you’re going to have to make me a sandwich in the kitchen.” I’m currently listening to the game.

After that, the Kelce brothers started laughing, and Travis remarked, “We were doing so good!” We were having so much fun!

‘I hope she didn’t hear that,’ Jason went on.

Butker reiterated his comments on Friday night, drawing comparisons between himself and Saint Daniel.

Butker went all in on his comments on Friday night, likening himself to Saint Daniel in a different address at a Regina Caeli Academy function in Nashville, Tennessee.

“My beliefs, or what people think I believe, have been the focus of countless discussions around the globe over the past few days,” he said to the gathering.

“Many people expressed a shocking level of hate at the outset,” he went on. But as the days passed, even many who didn’t agree with me came to accept my right to practice my religion.

It is to be expected that my divisive nature has increased with the amount of time I spend discussing my Catholic faith, which is what I value most.

The kicker continued, saying that he had “no regrets at all” about his choice and that it was Jesus Christ, not other people, who he was trying to please.

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