Cirque du Soleil dancer Hayden Hopkins, 26, says Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis, 69, is NOT the father of her baby as she slams ‘wildly untrue’ rumors

Dancer for Cirque du Soleil Hayden Hopkins has criticized reports that her unborn kid is fathered by Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis.

Rumors of a romance began when Hopkins, 26, and Davis, 69, were spotted on video together in the VIP area of Allegiant Stadium in Vegas during an NFL game in December 2022.

The musician initially shared a picture of herself from her seat on social media, but she subsequently clarified that she was just friends with Davis.

Using social media, Hopkins blasted those on Sunday who were spreading rumors of a romance, saying they were spoiling the best moment of her life.

On Sunday, Hayden Hopkins resorted to social media to criticize those who are persistently spreading allegations of a romance between himself and Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis.

Hopkins  was seen sitting next to Davis at an NFL game in December 2022

Hopkins wrote, “Reports of Mark Davis being the father of my child are wildly untrue.”

After I was seen at a game in 2022 with him, I’ve been the target of unfounded accusations about a love relationship.

“I was just a visitor, sitting with some other friends in the owner’s box.”

“What should be my happiest days are being negatively impacted by these ongoing media stories.”

“Joey and I are thrilled to have our baby come autumn xx.”

She had already addressed rumors that they were dating.

“MD [Mark Davis] is a legend,” she remarked to a commenter on social media.

“He’s my friend/neighbor.” enjoyable game.

When the Raiders played the Green Bay Packers the previous year, the two were also seen.

That time, David was seen on tape getting angry while Hopkins, donning a black Raiders baseball cap, sat next to him.

However, these appearances did nothing but fuel rumors that the two were dating.

One said, “Very thoughtful of Mark Davis to bring his granddaughter to the game today.”

“Hey, who’s the girl Mark Davis is seated next to?” I notice you, Mark,” another person said.

Davis and Hopkins were also pictured sitting together at a Raiders game in 2023. She said they were just friends yet rumors have continued to persist

In 2023, Davis and Hopkins were also seen sitting next to one other at a Raiders game. She clarified that they were only friends, yet stories have persisted.

Hopkins showed off her growing baby bulge in an Instagram picture she uploaded last month.

Hopkins shared a monochromatic image of herself on the beach last month, showcasing a noticeable little baby bulge.

Her simple caption on the picture said, “Baby.”

Many comments on the picture suggested that Davis was the baby’s parent.

One poster said, “The Heir to The Raiders Throne!”

‘Building up that child’s and your own future. “Cha-Ching,” said another.

A third wrote, “Future Raiders owner incoming.”

Hayden Hopkins has denied rumors Raiders owner Mark Davis is her baby's dad

Hayden Hopkins refuted reports. Her child is born to Raiders owner Mark Davis.

The dancer, who is originally from Seattle, Washington, moved to Las Vegas in 2017 to perform in Treasure Island Cirque Du Soleil’s Mystere as “La Belle.”

She earned national dancing titles and lived in New York City to earn her bachelor’s degree in dance before relocating to Vegas.

She had appeared on the covers of Dance Informa and Dance Spirit magazines by the time she was 19 years old.

Hopkins has performed on Good Morning America and with artist Jason Derulo.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Hopkins has been seen dancing in character as her Vegas persona. She is seen above getting ready to perform on Kimmel’s show in her dressing area.

When Hopkins isn’t flaunting her dancing career, she frequently shares pictures of herself in swimsuits.

She performed as a dancer on Jimmy Kimmel Live as well.

Hopkins flaunted her flexibility and little blue attire while praising her performance on social media several times.

She has over 221,000 social media followers and is a social media influencer.

She usually flaunts her trim body when she isn’t blogging about her newest dancing skills or flexing her muscles in bikini photos.