Hear what Emma Raducanu Has To Say About Wimbledon, It will Amaze You


Raducanu Says Her Wimbledon Triumph Is ‘Just A Matter Of When’


Emma Raducanu demonstrated her tremendous belief in herself by projecting that she would win Wimbledon sometime in her career.Raducanu is already a Grand Slam champion, having won the US Open a few years ago, but ever since then, the Brit has actually never been close to playing tennis on such a level. Several reasons contributed to that, such as injuries and the fact that she’s yet to gather experience on the WTA Tour.

The US Open win was premature but well-deserved because she was the greatest player during that week. Many believe that she will add more majors in the future, and she believes that, too.

In fact, in a recent interview with Grazia Daily, Raducanu revealed that the fact that she will win the Wimbledon Championships is not a matter of if, but rather when, which is a very confident statement.

Raducanu Says Her Wimbledon Triumph Is 'Just A Matter Of When'

We knew she never lacked confidence, but she’s not hesitant to make bold remarks, even declaring she wishes she never won a Grand Slam not too long ago.

“I feel good. I’m playing well and I’m training really hard, I’m doing a lot of positive things and I know it’s going to happen. If not this Wimbledon, the next Wimbledon.”

Raducanu on winning Wimbledon

British players haven’t prevailed often at Wimbledon in recent decades, but we saw it happen. Andy Murray did it, and the audience was behind him when he did it, so Raducanu is looking forward to that type of welcome.

She’s already proved that her game works well on the surface because she made it to the fourth round before. It’s all about being healthy for her, and right now, she’s fairly healthy, and she started the preparing early.

“I fully back myself and trust myself. It’s only a matter of when really. I’ve been doing all the right things so I’m simply looking forward to playing in front of a home crowd.”

Raducanu backs her self to win Wimbledon sometime in the future

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