Breaking News: Montreal Canadiens could trade $2,485,000 defenseman Arber Xhekaj for Martin Necas  Due To

NHL Trade Rumors: Insider suggests Montreal Canadiens could trade $2,485,000 defenseman for Martin Necas

An intriguing NHL trade rumor has emerged claiming the Montreal Canadiens could move defenseman Arber Xhekaj to the Carolina Hurricanes for winger Martin Necas.

The speculation comes from NHL source Jean-Charles Lajoie, who mentioned Xhekaj and a draft selection as a potential package for the Hurricanes’ 23-year-old restricted free agent.

Looking back on this feat, Necas said:

“It’s hard to convey it right now. As a young kid here in Czechia, you always fantasize about two things since you were small. One of them is winning the Stanley Cup, which didn’t happen obviously this year. It hasn’t happened yet. “But winning the World Championship at home, in front of our home audience, this is something I would consider undoubtedly all of our pinnacle of our career. It’s something we will remember forever.”

Necas joined Team Czechia after the Hurricanes were ousted in the second round of the NHL playoffs by the New York Rangers. When asked about his mid-tournament entrance, Necas said the decision was easy:

“Who cares? This is a thing that could only happen once in my life because you never know when it’s going to be back, and whether I’ll be playing [in the] playoffs. I wasn’t thinking about that. There was no doubt in my thinking that I wouldn’t attend.”

With Martin Necas a restricted free agent this summer, his future in Carolina remains unknown.

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