Geno Auriemma; Caitlin Clark Is being targeted by WNBA Bad Girls Due To.

Caitlin Clark Is being targeted by WNBA players, insists long-time college coach after Indiana Fever star’s brutal treatment by Chennedy Carter 

UConn women’s basketball head coach Geno Auriemma thinks Caitlin Clark is being ‘targeted’ in her inaugural season in the WNBA.

Despite bringing plenty of attention to the league upon her entry, Clark has not received the warmest of welcomes from her fellow players. The narrative grew greater after Chicago’s Chennedy Carter bodychecked Clark during their game on June 2.

While addressing media in Connecticut, Auriemma noted that although the obstacles of being a rookie are inevitable, Clark also has a bullseye on her back for other players.

‘Is she enduring the rookie challenge, the rookie challenges that are synonymous with being a rookie? Yes,’ Auriemma stated before the UConn Coaches Road Show on Tuesday. ‘She’s also being targeted.’

To add to the magnified roughness, Clark’s collegiate nemesis and Chicago rookie Angel Reese has actively been taking punches at the No. 1 overall pick.

Geno Auriemma said that Caitlin Clark is being pursued by other players in the WNBA

The UConn coach mentioned how other high-profile players were not getting ‘rough up’ as rookies

Chennedy Carter bodychecks Caitlin Clark while Angel Reese cheers


Aside from shooting after Clark on social media after a win against the New York Liberty in May, Reese said she loved being the ‘bad guy’ after cheering Carter for slamming her shoulder into the former Iowa star.

Furthermore, Auriemma noted numerous instances of high-profile collegiate athletes going to the pros and their reception from colleagues. He then pointed out how Clark’s not-so-warm welcome is more extreme than others.

‘I don’t remember when [Michael] Jordan came into the [NBA], guys looking to go out and knock him up,’ Auriemma said. ‘I don’t remember when [Larry] Bird and Magic [Johnson] came in the league and elevated the NBA, them getting targeted and getting beat up just because of who they were and the attention they were getting.

‘Appreciate the fact that now’s the time [for the WNBA]. I got it. It’s long overdue. Why are you blaming that kid? It’s not her fault, because you would switch places with her in a minute, but you are not there. You’re not her. So, you’re [complaining] that she’s getting what she’s getting.+8

Clark was severely bodychecked by Chicago’s Chennedy Carter in their June 2 confrontation

Auriemma complimented Clark for taking the obstacles of her rookie season in stride

The Fever have been off to a tough start with a 2-9 record, ranking 11th in the WNBA standings

In contrast to Auriemma’s statements, Liberty standout and reigning WNBA MVP Breanna Stewart claimed aggressiveness is universal and is something all players need to adjust to.


Stewart was the No. 1 overall pick in 2016 and won four national titles in UConn with Auriemma.

‘This is the best league in the world. Nobody’s going to offer you anything simple,’ remarked Stewart. ‘[It’s about] knowing that and learning how to play through it at this level. They’re the fastest, the strongest, the quickest. That’s why this is the WNBA.

‘Continue to pay attention to what we do, recognize that we’re trying to deliver our best basketball. When we’re competing against other teams, we’re definitely striving to win. But as a collective, we’re aiming to push this league to a better position altogether.

Liberty standout and WNBA MVP Breanna Stewart argued that the aggressiveness is part of the game

Stewart was the No. 1 overall pick in 2016 and earned four NCAA titles with Auriemma at UConn

Auriemma also noted how Clark has handled the not-so-smooth transfer on The Dan Patrick Show.

‘I think she’s handling it great,’ Auriemma remarked. ‘I think she speaks a lot of s***, and she gets a lot of s*** back.

‘She deserves everything she gets because she gives it as good as she gets it. She’s just not made for the roughness of this league, and she’s not quick enough to get away from the physicality.’

‘When she gets it, she has exceptional skills that are going to aid her,’ Auriemma remarked. ‘She needs to be on a better squad, and she needs experience.’

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