Fans Roast Rafael Nadal After Interaction with Roger Federer at Retirement Tournament

Fans Roast Rafael Nadal After Interaction with Roger Federer at Retirement Tournament

Rafael Nadal became the target of trolling from a number of tennis fans due to his widely shared moment from Roger Federer’s documentary, “Federer: Final Twelve Days.”

The documentary followed Federer in the final few weeks following his 2022 retirement announcement. It included Federer’s last Laver Cup match before he formally declared his career ended.

In the yearly tennis match, Federer and Nadal were both a part of Team Europe that faced off against Team World.

Rafa was seen crying in the locker room after Federer and Nadal’s doubles match against each other in the competition ended in a loss. The legendary Swiss then proceeded to comfort the Spanish figure.

While many people responded to the event with warmth, some found Nadal’s emotional outpouring puzzling. Federer is the one who is retiring, not him, so if anyone should be upset about losing, it’s the 20-time Grand Slam champion.

I thought it was crazy that Federer was comforting Rafael Nadal in his own f**king retirement. One commenter made a joke about Rafa knowing that Federer had retired.

“This is where I became lost in myself,” remarked another. The similar sentiment was expressed on social media, with the comment, “I laughed at this.”

One of the fans said, “Rafa was so real for this,” another. How could she have missed that moment, a commentator asked, adding, “HOW DID I MISS THIS.”

Rafael Nadal of Spain says goodbye to a full stadium after his match against Alexander Zverev of Germany

Maybe Rafael Nadal was merely emotional because he was unable to assist Roger Federer in winning at such a crucial juncture in his career. Hopefully, though, Nadal will explain to fans why he reacted the way he did during the event now that the aforementioned incident is trending.

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