Roger Federer Used Two Words To Sum Up His Relationship With Rafael Nadal

Roger Federer Used Two Words To Sum Up His Relationship With Rafael Nadal

Tennis legend Roger Federer became quite upset when discussing his rivalry and connection with Rafael Nadal in his documentary “Federer: Twelve Final Days.”

In the course of Federer’s nearly 25-year professional tennis career, he and Nadal engaged in 30 matches and frequented the ATP Tour’s world No. 1 ranking battle. Federer was more dominant in the majors, even though his Spanish opponent prevailed 24–16 in their head-to-head battle.

Although Federer has 20 Grand Slam victories to Nadal’s 22; yet, the Swiss great has won more titles at the Australian Open (6), Wimbledon (8), and US Open (5). In contrast, the majority of Nadal’s Grand Slam victories have come from the French Open, which he has won an incredible 14 times, giving him the moniker “King of Clay.”

To put it plainly, Federer and Nadal were fierce rivals who were unable to overcome one another in their matches. Even though they had a bitter competition, they were always respectful of one another and are now close friends off the court.

Federer broke down in tears throughout the documentary while talking about his connection with Nadal and just had two words to sum it up: “Very unique.”

Federer continued, as reported by Euro News, “Getting along so well and having respect for one another is definitely special, to say the least.”

In one of the scenes, Nadal acknowledged the unique nature of their friendship.

“Despite our intense competitiveness on the court, we managed to maintain a strong friendship off it. And in this fiercely competitive world, this is something really hard to discover,” Nadal remarked.

It’s really amazing to watch Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer grow close to one another following years of rivalry. Unlike the typical rivals-for-life tales, the relationship between the two sports legends is extremely uncommon.

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A 90-minute documentary titled “Federer: Twelve Final Days” chronicles Federer’s final 12 days before he decides to end his career. It includes an open look at the days after his declaration that the 2022 Laver Cup would be his last competition.

For tennis enthusiasts and Federer fans who want a closer look at the sports legend, it’s definitely a must-watch. It was produced by Amazon and is currently accessible for streaming at Amazon Prime.

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