Here is all your need to know about the new Lakers Forward

Questions about Hinson’s size and position affected his draft prospects, leading to him going undrafted before joining the Lakers.


According to’s scouting report, Hinson’s potential lies in his scoring ability across all three levels, with noted improvements in shooting that make him a viable stretch-four. Despite standing at 6-foot-8, there are concerns about his size for the power forward position in the NBA. However, his length suggests he could effectively guard wings and perimeter players.


The report acknowledges Hinson’s underrated ball-handling skills but points out his limitations as a passer. While he can create opportunities for himself, his game shows areas needing improvement, particularly on defense where effort could be enhanced.


Looking forward, Hinson is seen as capable of playing either the small forward or power forward positions in the NBA. His shooting prowess suggests he may thrive as a stretch-four, potentially as a valuable bench contributor despite defensive challenges.

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