3 insane stats that prove the Yankees should fire Aaron Boone right now

3 insane stats that prove the Yankees should fire Aaron Boone right now

After 22 games, the New York Yankees have a 6-16 record. In their last seven attempts, they have failed to win a series. It has been over a month since they won consecutive games. The team has completely thrown away all of the progress they made in the first two and a half months of the season for the third year in a row.

And for a while, both the media and fans placed the blame on the players as a group. Yes, that is undoubtedly the players’ fault. They must carry it out. But it’s only right to point the finger at the manager and general manager once things like this start to happen frequently with different players and helping coaches.

Despite the shortcomings of this Yankees club, Brian Cashman performed his job. He proceeded to trade for Juan Soto. Marcus Stroman was signed by him. He brought in more important players like Jon Berti and cut out more dead weight. Like every other club, the Yankees have been hit by injuries once more, but they have demonstrated for the third year in a row that they are unbeatable.

Who knows whose fault that is? You have to believe that the messages in the dugout and clubhouse are to blame when your team goes from being the league’s best to the worst.This group lacks concentration. They’re not focused enough. They are dead once more. And that is the manager’s fault. Maybe it’s time for an adjustment.

Three ridiculous statistics explain why the Yankees should fire Aaron Boone immediately.
The Yankees are using the bases, but why?

Stat revision! The Yankees’ current 20-game drought without a stolen base is tied for the longest in the history of the team (it also occurred in 1963). It was sixty-one years ago. During this stretch of play, the Yankees are losing badly. They’re not putting runners in scoring positions or getting timely hits.

However, no appreciable shift in strategy has occurred in almost a month. Boone didn’t understand Anthony Volpe could no longer bat leadoff after batting until a few days ago.220 in June with an on-base percentage of.238. At that point, he switched to Ben Rice.

Apart from that, though, Volpe ought to be stealing each time he advances to first base. In some way, Boone contributed to reducing those chances when the child was faltering. Compared to eight steals in his first thirty games, Volpe has attempted a grand total of 11 steals in his subsequent 61 games. What makes Oswaldo Cabrera so unlikely to steal? Even though this club isn’t the most athletic, they aren’t trying to outshine the opposition pitcher or catcher and aren’t making use of their athletes, especially after Alex Cora embarrassed them with Jose Trevino’s noodle arm a few weeks ago.

They are continuing to play baseball in the same predictable, sloppy manner that has doomed them from 2020 to 2023. After overseeing some of the most dismal and unimpressive Yankees teams in over thirty years, Boone still had the audacity to claim that “it’s right in front of us” following yet another Sunday Night Baseball series loss to the division foe Red Sox.

Aaron, it’s not hidden from you; you’re just not taking action.

Rafael Devers repeatedly pummeled the Yankees into the dirt.

Want another amusing statement from the postgame interview on Sunday night following the Yankees’ 3-0 loss?The Yankees have “invested a lot” in attempting to get Rafael Devers out, Boone told the media. On Saturday afternoon, the Red Sox slugger hit two home runs to lead Boston to victory and made his 1,000th appearance in front of Gerrit Cole.

This is something that any capable manager would have dealt with long, long ago. Rather, Boone, the Yankees’ manager since Devers joined the Red Sox as a full-time player, has let the two-time All-Star freely roam around his team. The Red Sox’s success against New York throughout the previous seven years has been entirely due to Devers.

Things worsen. Since making his Major League Baseball debut, Devers has also blasted 11 walk-off home runs at Yankee Stadium. That’s the most in the history of the Red Sox team. Beyond David Ortiz. greater than Ted Williams. 27 years old is Devers’ age. He still has at least ten years of playing ball. For what length of time will this continue?

It’s not working, whatever the Yankees are “investing” to get Devers out. Additionally, it’s as easy as walking him. Giving Devers a free pass to face a lower caliber hitter should nearly always be the right decision in a tight situation, even though the Red Sox have impressed this season by accomplishing more with less.

New York Yankees v New York Mets

He keeps getting pitched to by the Yankees. Cole is getting fastballs served over the center by Boone. He’s allowing a worn-out Luis Gil to take one final swing at Devers (who, surprise, broke the tie on Sunday with a home run). This is not a player execution error; rather, it is managerial misconduct.

Another terrible run of play that is exclusive to the history of the Yankees

The first MLB team to win 50 games was the Yankees. They have had the poorest record in the league for the past month or so since then, going 5-15. Even in a random year, you would undoubtedly still be concerned about this, but you might not be demanding the manager’s resignation.

However, what happens if it occurs for the third year in a row after only three instances in the previous 21 years? That is a really, really big issue. Nor is it as if the cautionary tales had not been present. What should have been a great chance to make a run instead is a disastrous abbreviated 2020 season. The most painful 162-game stretch from a “contending” club you will ever witness occurred in the 2021 campaign.

The Yankees start to show signs of a spiral, and Boone is powerless to halt the bleeding. Whether Juan Soto or Joey Gallo are in his starting lineup, the outcome is always the same. It is the manager of the Yankees’ responsibility to try his hardest to keep the team out of the headlines for all the wrong reasons, and Boone never does. He exacerbates the situation. He can’t respond intelligently to a challenging question. He falters in his speech. Other than the odd, fun ejection, he doesn’t do anything. He always makes lineup/roster changes too late. When there is a clear-cut case for disciplining his players, he stands up for them. He’s not their manager; he’s their pal.

The unsettling thing is that, despite this team’s explosive start to the season, there were still plenty of red flags. The problems with his athleticism persisted. The shortcomings of RISP. The essentials. The mistakes on defense. The hitting in a circumstance. The way one moves.

This group of barking “dawgs” turned into terrified kittens. For the fourth consecutive year, Boone has failed to read and control the room. The manager of a club isn’t generally the issue, but with Aaron Boone and the Yankees right now, it feels more plausible than it has ever done.

These morsels ought to point the front office in the direction of the main cause if their operations are data-driven.

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