New Orleans Saints’ Cameron Jordan goes Due To

The NFL offseason, huh? Explosions on social media are common at this time of year. Cameron Jordan of the New Orleans Saints has always been a kind man to opposition supporters.

Just after the NFL released its schedule this week, the former Pro Bowl player did what he does best.

Jordan went off on a Bucs fan on Wednesday evening.

Did Jordan have to put up with the online troll? Most likely not. Did it make sense? Yes, it really was.

Jordan has never been afraid to voice his thoughts. He has done it on television, at press conferences, and on social media. He says what’s on his mind, at the very least.

He’s once again drawn the wrath of a competing fan base this time. He’s frequently been the target of disrespect on social media from Atlanta Falcons supporters. More of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ supporters have grown irritated with Jordan in the wake of the team’s recent resurgence in the NFC South.

But the veteran Saints player has definitely prodded the bear a few times—and with good reason.

For good reason, though, the Saints veteran has certainly poked the bear on multiple occasions.

In 2024, Jordan can proceed with his play based on his performances in Weeks 6 and 18. These are the Saints’ two games against the Bucs in the regular season.-

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