The Maple Leafs’ Front Office: Three Reasons Why Mitch Marner Is Up For Trade

With one year remaining on his contract, Marner is a talented attacker who ought to be sold. Here are three explanations for this:

Three reasons why Toronto Maple Leafs should trade Mitch Marner

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Boston Bruins at Toronto Maple Leafs

1: He hasn’t performed in the playoffs

After experimenting with the “Core Four” for a number of years, Toronto has only managed to win one series. Marner is the most obvious member of the Maple Leafs’ core group to go given his lack of postseason success.

In the regular season, Marner averages more than a point per game; yet, as the game becomes more physical in the playoffs, he suffers. Marner finished the last playoffs with three points in seven games.

2: His contract

With only one season remaining, Mitch Marner is the Toronto Maple Leafs’ most obvious trade chip.William Nylander and Auston Matthews agreed to long-term contracts, solidifying their position as the Maple Leafs’ core.

Marner would be a useful trade asset because he just has one year left on his contract. Teams may use that year to observe how Marner fits before committing to a long-term contract.

3: Add more pieces

Four forwards were the foundation of the Maple Leafs’ team, but that strategy hasn’t worked. The Maple Leafs should be able to acquire a lot of Marner because he is one of the NHL’s most desirable chips.

Toronto could distribute Marner’s $11 million contract among several players by trading him for a goalie or defensive assistance.

With Marner gone and his money distributed among several players, the Maple Leafs will have a much deeper and perhaps superior roster.

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