The defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs will play on all but Tuesday of the week during the 2024 season, making it an intriguing one. Given their pursuit of become the first team to threepeat, it is hardly surprising that the reigning champions were chosen for numerous prime-time and holiday games.

The Chiefs play their first regular season game of the year on September 5 against the Baltimore Ravens, following their banner ceremony. From that point on, there are games on Black Friday, Christmas Day, Saturday, two Sunday night games, and two Monday night games scheduled.

It is undoubtedly a lot, and Mike North, the NFL’s vice president of broadcast strategy, acknowledges that it will be challenging for K.C.

“We maybe gave the Chiefs the hardest schedule in the league,” North stated.

Despite spending a lot of time in the spotlight this year, their schedule is actually easier than most.The Chiefs’ opponents have an average over/under of 8.2 wins, making them the 12th easiest team to predict, according to Sharp Football Analysis.


The two-time Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes is happy with the players he is starting for this season and the order in which he is starting them, but he does have one grievance regarding the schedule of Kansas City’s games.

Being a father of two, playing on Christmas Day would seem to be the obvious grievance, but he really has a small problem with when their bye week occurs.

Mahomes stated, “The early bye is the only thing I don’t like.” It’s never easy to say goodbye early. Apart from that, though, I’m simply eager to play football.”

Mahomes continued, “That’s the earliest I’ve ever had a bye.” “We do have the Wednesday night game on Christmas, which may extend into a weekend. But that bye in Week 6 at the same time? Additionally, Texas Tech is playing, so I’m not even able to see my college team.”

This year’s schedule is regarded on the easier side in large part because the AFC West is matched up against the NFC South.

The Chiefs don’t play back-to-back games against a club that made it to the playoffs the previous season for nearly the whole season. When they play the Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals to open the season, it is the most challenging part of their schedule.