Jannik Sinner Love Life Takes A New Turn After Been Awarded ATP World No.1

Meet Anna Kalinskaya, Tennis Ace and Girlfriend of Jannik Sinner

Following all of the hoopla surrounding Challengers and Break Point, Netflix’s tennis-focused docuseries, all eyes have been on the tennis world. Although stars like Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams have enchanted the world for decades, new players to watch are emerging into the spotlight, in both the athletic realm and the fashion space. Italian player Jannik Sinner recently fronted the Gucci tennis campaign, calling attention to the luxurious side of on-court apparel.

Another one of the tennis world’s attractive young stars is Anna Kalinskaya, a twenty-five-year-old Russian player. The buzz surrounding the Kalinskaya tennis career is on the rise, especially after a record-shattering performance at the Dubai Open in 2024 and the recent revelation of her romance with Sinner emerged.

Join L’OFFICIEL as we get to know Anna Kalinskaya, rising tennis star and one half of the sport’s most recognized power couples.

Anna Kalinskaya Tennis Career

Anna Kalinskaya at the Australian Open. Photo from Instagram/@annakalinskaya78

Born to two seasoned badminton players, Anna Kalinskaya began her tennis career early in life. At the zenith of her junior career, Kalinskaya was rated number three, with sixteen total title wins, in both singles and doubles. For Kalinskaya tennis has always been a driving force, as shown in both her junior and professional career, where she has established a dominant presence on the court. Kalinskaya is currently ranked number 25 in the WTA lineup, ranking her among the top tennis players in the world.

Kalinskaya put on a particularly formidable display at the 2024 Dubai Open, where she defeated three top ten players in a row, including Coco Gauff, Jelena Ostapenko, and Iga Swiatek, who is presently ranked number one in the world. At just 25, the best years of the Kalinskaya tennis ace period have just begun, and the star is anticipated to soar even higher in the world rankings over the course of the next few years.

Anna Kalinskaya’s Relationship With Jannik Sinner

Anna Kalinskaya watches Jannik Sinner play during the French Open in May 2024. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Tennis fans cheered when rumors of a relationship between two of the sport’s best stars emerged. Jannik Sinner began dating Anna Kalinskaya in April of 2024, and the two have been sighted at tennis tournaments since their relationship became public. Following the Jannik Sinner Gucci campaign, the athlete has pulled in more followers from the fashion world, anxious to see their favorite player succeed both on and off the court, thus the partnership between Sinner and Kalinskaya has been a joyous sight for supporters.

Although the two have remained very quiet about their relationship so far, Sinner talked on his connection with Kalinskaya during a press conference in May 2024. “Yes, I’m with Anna, but we keep everything very discreet. I won’t say more,” he said in Italian.

Neither party has spoken publicly about the relationship, but fans have rushed to the Internet, already making viral edits and videos of Sinner and Kalinskaya, tennis’ new royal couple, conversing off the court.

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