Carlos Alcaraz banned from using his main advantage at 2024 Olympic Games Due To

Carlos Alcaraz has been handed a big problem before the 2024 Olympics with Rafael Nadal.

At the Olympics, Carlos Alcaraz has been dealt a significant inconvenience.(Photo credit: Getty)

The possibility of competing in the 2024 Olympics without Juan Carlos Ferrero, a crucial ally, has been presented to Carlos Alcaraz. The Wimbledon winner will have to play without his powerful coach when he travels to Paris to play with fellow Spaniard Rafael Nadal.

Thanks to the introduction of in-game coaching, Alcaraz recently said that there are times when he doesn’t “really know what to do” on the court and frequently just follows the 2003 French Open champion’s advice without question.

Ferrero frequently provides advice to Alcaraz during games, which was prohibited during the Olympics this summer in a big setback for the 21-year-old. Prior to the summer of 2022, this would have been against the law.

Alcaraz told L’Equipe, “I follow Juan Carlos’ advice in the great majority of situations.” “The coach’s role is to provide you with the finest guidance and support possible. I thus submit an application. On the court, there are many times when I’m not sure what to do. Others drive me to lose my cool because I can’t figure out how to play.

Carlos Alcaraz.

However, according to section K of the Olympic code of conduct, which was released by the International Tennis Federation in collaboration with the International Olympic Committee, this kind of teaching is not permitted during the Games. Those found guilty might face a fine of up to £15,000 or possibly be in default.

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“Players shall not receive coaching during a match,” the legislation declares. Any verbal or visual communication between a player and a teammate could be interpreted as coaching.

In addition, players are required to forbid their team members from: (1) using audible profanity within the site’s precincts; (2) making any kind of obscene gesture within the site’s precincts; (3) verbally abusing any official, opponent, spectator, or other person within the site’s precincts; (4) physically abusing any official, opponent, spectator, or other person within the site’s precincts; and (5) making, issuing, authorizing, or endorsing any public statement within the site’s precincts that has the potential to negatively impact the Olympic tennis event, the Olympic Games, and/or the officiating thereof.

A player who violates this section faces a fine of up to $20,000 each time. Additionally, the player will be punished in line with the Point Penalty Schedule if such a violation happens during a match.

“The referee may order the team member to be removed from the Olympic tennis event site and upon their failure to comply with such order may declare an immediate default of such player in circumstances that are flagrant and particularly injurious to the success of the Olympic tennis event, or are singularly egregious.”

It is unclear how Ferrero’s absence will affect Alcaraz without the veteran Nadal publicly supporting him, but at the very least, he will have the seasoned player at his side for the doubles match.

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